Shitty Cactus

Shitty Cactus is a platformer with a simple upgrade system. It’s my first actual game in unity. The idea was born from a really bad idea for a game, but the demo character looked like a cactus for me. So I decided to make a real one!

Find out more about the game or find it on steam.

Shitty Idle

Shitty Idle was my first game. It is an idle game, i.e. a big part of the game is waiting for numbers to go up. It has a city theme, which made me come up with the original name, as city and shitty sound quite alike. The game is published on kongregate.

Play the game on Kongregate.

Read the code on GitHub.


There are various little experiments, prototypes and just bad ideas. Enjoy the show.

Playing is highly not recommended.